Yesterday was National Limerick Day. But what’s a Limerick? A Limerick is a special type of poem, kind of like a Haiku. They are very fun to write and often they are silly and entertaining. So, since yesterday was National Limerick Day everyone wrote Limerick poems in English. It was pretty funny because everyone had different things, here are a few of the Limericks I wrote.

there once was a snowman named Bob
he was terrible at his job
one day he was fired
and became retired
then he joined the flash dance mob

there once was a little green cat
he sat your favorite hat
it was orange and blue
with a little tutu
and now it just looks like a mat

there once was a tiny blue door
he wanted just a little bit more
so he looked in a cap
saw a small orange map
and found the Earth’s very warm core

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