Blank Brains While Writing

I am a very picky writer. So, when we were told to write a blog post with three solid paragraphs about something you feel strongly about, I was stumped. I first tried writing about monkeys, I didn’t get past the first paragraph. Then I tried writing about Broadway Shows, I barely wrote two sentences. So I told my friend about my problems and came up with a great idea! I decided to give ideas for when you can’t think of what to write about. 😊

If you need to do something you feel strongly about, I wrote out a couple simple steps for you to follow. First you’ll need a topic. You might want to start by thinking of your favorite animal, sport or anything else you like/enjoy. If you want, you can make a list of ideas and choose the one you like the most. If you really get stumped (which happens to me a lot) there are plenty of videos or websites that give you great ideas. 😉

After you pick you pick your topic, you need to find something to write about it. Let’s say that I picked monkeys as my main idea. Since monkeys are a broad topic I have many choices about how to write my essay or paragraphs. If I have a favorite type of monkey then I might want to write about that, or if they are endangered I could write about how people can change that. There are many choices but the decision is yours to make (I’m not saying that you can’t ask anyone for advice 😜).
Once you have those chosen you are ready to write your essay or paragraphs. Just remember to sound natural and be yourself! I really hope this was helpful for you, so, in order to see what you think, I made a mini survey.😄 Please take the survey or comment on what you think. I love to hear your thoughts on what I write. 😎